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Native American Expressions Fine Art

Our Gallery offers the finest in Native American Art, Western Art, and Wildlife Fine Art prints and posters. Our Goal is to provide you the finest in Native American Art, Western Art, and Wildlife Art, at the best prices! All Limited Edition Art comes signed, numbered, and come with certificates of authenticity.

Our professional framers use only high quality Matboards on all your framed art and matted mini's. All your framed art comes double matted and professionally assembled, ready for you to hang on your wall with pride.

Framing Details

  • All Framed Art, Matted Art, and Matted Mini's come standard with double matted quality Crescent and Specialty Matboards.
  • Fancy cuts and Faux Leather Matboards available at no extra charge. Special requests are our specialty.
  • All framed Limited Edition Art comes standard with quality non-glare UV protection glass. Open Edition framed Art comes standard with regular glass, but upgrades to non-glare UV protection glass is available.
  • Please allow 1-3 weeks for framed art orders to ship.

  • Art Definitions

    Open-Edition A reproduction of an original work of art that is sometimes signed by the artist. The number of prints published is not predetermined.
    Limited-Edition A reproduction of an original work of art that is signed and sequentially numbered by the artist. The total number of prints is fixed or limited by the artist or the publisher.
    Artist's Proof In offset reproductions, artist's proofs are additional prints not included in, but of the same quality as, the regular edition. In original prints, artist's proofs are the first prints pulled, which are the truest prints in the edition because the plates and screens have not yet been worn down. Artist's proofs are distinguished by the abbreviation "A/P" and are numbered separately.
    Edition Size The total number of prints printed, or pulled, of one particular image. Separate edition sizes are recorded for the signed and numbered prints, artist's proofs and printer's proofs.
    Signed and Numbered Limited-edition prints that have been signed and sequentially numbered by the artist. The artist's signature is usually found in one of the lower corners of the print and is accompanied by a number that looks like a fraction; the top number indicates the number of the print and the bottom number indicates the total number of prints in the edition.
    Giclee Giclees, or iris prints as they are sometimes called, offer one of the highest degrees of accuracy and richness of color available in any reproduction technique. Giclee prints are created typically using professional 7-Color to 12-Color ink-jet printers, thereby producing a far wider range and depth of color than conventional CMYK printing. Giclee advanced hybrid inks combine the benefits of both Pigment and Dye based inks providing a vibrant, long lasting color. These ‘archive quality’ inks have been independently tested to resist any visible fading for over 100 years! A result of the marriage of art and modern technology, a giclee faithfully reflects the vibrant color, rich detail and lush texture of the original. Giclees are produced one at a time. Giclee canvas's are coated with a protective finish to further assure their longevity.
    Canvas Transfer Canvas Transfer is a process where the printed image from a paper art print is removed and then transferred onto a prepared canvas, giving a look and luster like an original print.
    Matted Mini A giftcard, postcard, or small art print, usually between 4x6 and 11x14, that is double matted with backing and ready to frame. The finished matted size is determined by ready made frame sizes such as 8x10, 11x14, 12x16, or 16x20.

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