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Gem stones and their descriptions
This is from the research that I have done and what I have been told by others
This list will continue to grow as I learn more!

Agate placed in water to dispel illness
  traditionally used to enhance forthrightness and decisiveness
  foster love
  create appreciation for nature
  provide abundance and soothe emotions
Agate, Black used to relieve stress
  give protection
  increase courage
Agate,Blue Lace imparts an enhancing grace and lightheartedness
  calms the mind to expand our perspective from our heart
Agate, Botswana traditionally used to sustain attentiveness, energizing bodies and stimulating explorations
Agate, Golden Lace used to lift depression, increase friendliness and happiness
Agate, Moss helpful to farmers - worn with planting ensures a good crop
Agate, Old Crazy lace used to enable us to laugh and see the games of the world
Agate, Tree used to assist with introspective and relieve tension
  used for plentiful crops
Agate, White used to relieve stress, give protection, increase courage and attune us to our highest mind
Amazonite bestows truth, integrity and honor to its wearer,
  enhance love, and soothes intense, aggravated emotions and situations
Amber used to enhance patience, and remembrance of past lives and the ancient knowledge
Amber, Baltic used to bring romantic love, purification, wisdom, energy and balance
Amethyst - Stone of Sincerity used medieval times to counteract the intoxication of wine or love
  helps control evil thoughts
  associated with increased nobility and spiritual awareness
Amethyst, Lavender been associated with peaceful intent, decreases defensiveness and promotes emotional integration
Ametrine used to aid in meditation, relieve tension, disperse negativity and help eliminate prejudice
Apatite used to enhance intellect, focus, learning, clarity of concentration, and ideas
  fosters unconditional love
Aquamarine promotes safe travel on water, release anxiety, fear and restlessness
  creates a peaceful stillness like the flow of a forest stream
Aragonite fosters truth, stability, understanding and clear perception
  nurturing stone, which lifts your feelings into freedom
Aventurine used traditional cultures to promote leadership abilities
Aventurine, Peach used to help in decision making and help boost creativity
Aventurine, Red used to enhance creativity and the ability to see possibilities
  used to bring prosperity and lessen negativity
Azurite/Malachite used to promote flexibility in thought and action
Bloodstone, Indian attributed with giving the courage to go into the heart and to follow it completely
Carnelian used to protect against envy, fear and rage
  calms fears about death and rebirth, bringing serenity and acceptance of the grate cycle of life
Cat's eye quartz, (Hawk's Eye) used to foster serenity, peace, perspective, discernment, abundance, prosperity, healing, riches,
  and a love of nature
Chrysanthemun - Stone of harmony and change used to dispel self-righteousness, used to promote renewal of old friendships
  its' message is to "Enjoy each moment"
Chrysocolla metaphysically been used to relieve stress and promote initiative
Chrysoprase used medieval times to promote presence of mind
  used to facilitate self expression, courage and the ability to use them wisely
  brings happiness, which is partly because it helps get rid of negative thoughts and irritability
Citrine - Stone of wealth traditionally been used to attract and maintain wealth
  protection against snake venom and evil thoughts
  mind stimulation, enhances creativity and intuition and strengthens self confidence
  helps with emotional control while making one alert
Coral represents continuity and structure, protects against violence, accidents and theft
  calms emotions and restore harmony, helps with fever, colds, asthma and digestive problems
Dumortierite used to enhance organizational abilities, self discipline and orderliness
  encourages one to see and accept reality
Emerald - Stone of success and love used to enhance memory
Fluorite used to enhance impartiality and unbiased reasoning
  used to increase the ability to concentrate balancing the positive and negative
  relationships of the mind
  helps release negative thoughts and protect against them
Fluorite, Lavender used to increase spiritual balance and mystic visions, well being, serenity and peace
Fluorite, Rainbow used of psychic energy
Garnet - Stone of constancy symbolizes fidelity by women in Victorian times, devotion to others and self
  used to inspire romantic love, passion, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, positive thought
  inspiration, past life recall, career success, social popularity and self confidence
Garnet, Grossularite used to purify all body systems, especially the liver and heart, exchanged between friends
  to insure they met again
Garnet, Hessonite - Stone of creativity allows use to say goodbye to outworn and unusable ideas
Garnet, Rhodolite facilitate meditation, enhance intuition and to inspire love
Garnet, Spessartite helps us to be content with our home and put down roots
  used to strengthen willpower and increase self esteem and popularity
Goldstone monk dropped copper shavings in molten glass
Howlite used to increase the appreciation of beauty
Iolite - Stone of intuition, Stone of power used to eliminate debt and to facilitate responsibility
  enhances leadership ability, power, inner strength, self confidence and executive ability
  many wear to bed to enhance and to remember dreams
Jade brings prosperity, allows you to hold onto money
  used to produce longevity, fertility, serenity, wisdom, balance, moderation, perspective and stability
Jade, Black offers protection from negativity, fosters the wise use of power
Jade, Golden used for understanding and empathy
Jade, White used to foster practical application of spirituality
Jade, Yellow enhances energy and provide protection
Jasper - stone of protection Shamans wore to provide protection
  promotes practicality
Jasper, Autumn protects from negative energy, strengthening
Jasper, Brecciated enhances organizational abilities, relaxation and a sense of wholeness
  encourages attunement and communication with animals and allergies
  brings happiness, creates a good outlook on life and ease stress
Jasper, Dalmatian increase patience, removes disillusionment and increase loyalty to one's partner
Jasper, Fancy stone of gentleness and relaxation, enhances the ability to relax by bringing tranquility and comfort
  Nurturing stone with it's' protective energy, increases enjoyment of life
Jasper, Leopardskin protects during physical and spiritual travel, makes it easier to take responsibility properly
Jasper, Ocean promote balance of physical, intellectual and emotional bodies
Jasper, Red helps to remember dreams, aid in assistance in rescue from danger and to help balance
  out unfair situations
Labradorite provides clarity and insight into your destiny
  helps recall dreams and to live them, also valued as a connection to the path of love
Lapis Lazuli - Stone of royalty Hebrews used in breast plate of Aaron, the high priest
  links us to the all knowing sources of knowledge and for invoking wisdom
Malachite counteracts self destructive romantic tendencies and help encourage true, pure love
Moonstone Travelers stone - protecting traders and merchants from the peril of travel
  creates joy and peace in our home, calms responses, avoid overreaction and enhance femininity
  intuition and psychic abilities
Obsidian Aztecs consider this the warriors stone
Obsidian, Mahogany - Mirror Stone reflects one's short comings, allowing them to be dealt with and then let go
  stimulates growth of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual centers to provide strength
  when needed
  helps promote a forgiving attitude and release of grievances
Obsidian, Snowflake helps with the integration of mental balance of the right and left side of the brain
  physical balance and physical safety
  stone of purity, helping us to recognize unnecessary things in our lives
Onyx used to banish grief
Onyx, Black repels negativity, even in others, so their negativity does not affect you
  grounding stone to help with acting in a rational manner, which helps in making wise decisions
  helps overcome the feeling of loneliness and alienation, comforts in unfamiliar areas
Onyx, Sardonyx foster luck, friendship, happiness, good fortune, romance and marriage
  protects the young and the adventurer
  teaches us to love nature's wild places and inhabitants
Opal Australian aborigines use to invoke visions and to find the way to dream time
Pearl represents innocence and purity
  promotes sincerity, truth and loyalty, enhances integrity, soothes, calms and yet focuses attention
Peridot - Stone of friendship used to help heal a bruised ego, lessen anger and prevent jealousy
  helps us to find happiness within one's self
Pietersite physical protection, especially helping us to see the beauty in all
  helps with working with angels, experiencing visions and precognition relating to feminine
  or goddess energies
Quartz, Crystal - Stone of Power harmony, bringing the energy of the stars into our soul
  stimulates brain function, aids in clarity of mind, and helps clear the environment of negativity
  powerful healer
Quartz, Rose used to heal a broken heart and self esteem
Quartz, Smoky alleviates stress and changes fear ,anger and other negative emotions into positive energies
  provides clarity of thought, improves - intuition, survival instincts and meditative states
Rhodochrosite - stone of balance used to balance intellect with intuition
Rhodonite used to encourage generosity of spirit
  helps to see love in everything around you, even in the simplest daily chores
River Stone - Stone of Freedom helps with the flow of everyday life, helping us to carry our burdens, without polluting our
  minds with worry and fear
  helps us to "go with the flow"
Paua Shell used to stimulate creativity and imagination
Ruby - The Queen of gems  
Sapphire - Stone of clear thinking stone of prosperity - to eliminate frustration and fulfill dreams
Serpentine promotes good luck, happiness and success and inspires respect for the elderly
Sodalite calls out the inner truths of ourselves and from those around us,
  helps one let go of control and be in a peaceful state, clearing the mind for deeper and
  wiser thinking for more rational thinking
Sunstone invokes learning, stretching and evolving qualities in order to meet our greatest potential
Tigereye helps us to see the things that are not present - like a cat in the dark
Tigereye, Red allows clarity of thought, so we may project to our audience with self confidence
Tiger Iron metaphysical power
Topaz, Blue - Stone of fidelity  
Tourmaline new-born inner peace
Tourmaline, Pink - Stone of hope  
Turquoise - Stone of vision, integration and clarity sacred stone of the Native Americans
  absorbs negative energies, enhances intuition
Unakite unconditional love, helps healing of abandonment and separation issues
Zoisite creativity booster

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