Brown Dreamcatcher Designs

These are my Brown Designs. Each one is very unique.
I love working with colors!

Brown is the color of Mother Earth, representing the soil in which we grow food. Brown is a great gift for the outdoor person.

All dreamcatchers can be made any size or any color shown unless otherwise specified.
Just specify your preference when ordering.
Just drop me an email or give me a call with any questions or a "Special" request.

More Designs to come!
As I make new colors, I always use the first one for my picture.
So if you have designed a specific color scheme, your dreamcatcher will be displayed on this website.


3 Prayers Dreamcatcher

Community, Family and Self
This is something I learned from our annual Medicine Wheel Renewal.
We tie prayer feathers to be hung from the trees. This helps our prayers to be carried to the Creator. When other people see them, their prayers are also carried to the Creator.
This one is done with dark brown leather, with a combination of brown and black beads, with dark brown feathers.

There are three of these hanging in the exhibit of the Pritzker Family Children's Zoo, located in the Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, Il.

14" Dreamcatcher

Brown and Pink

This is done with medium brown leather, with pink and brown beads and
pink feathers.

This is new for this year!

5" Dreamcatcher

dc5-brnpnk - $25.00
7" Dreamcatcher
dc7-brnpnk - $30.00
9" Dreamcatcher
dc9- brnpnk- $40.00
14" Dreamcatcher
dc14-brnpnk - $80.00


Peaceful Dreams Dreamcatcher

Here I have used solid brown turkey feathers. It gives a deeper natural look.
I can also use the "Legal Eagle" feather, with black or white feathering and beads.
Please specify which feathers when ordering.

14" Dreamcatcher

I only make these in size 14"
due to the sizes of the feather.


I get to enjoy monarchs in my yard
all year long.
They like to eat the wild berries
that grow here in Texas.

This is done with medium brown leather, brown and white beads, with white feathers.

This is new for this year!

5" Dreamcatcher

dc5-mon - $25.00
7" Dreamcatcher
dc7-mon - $30.00
9" Dreamcatcher
dc9-mon - $40.00
14" Dreamcatcher
dc14-mon - $80.00

Wedding or Unity Dreamcatcher

This one was created to signify a wedding or a unity, and is generally hung over the bed.
This one is done with medium brown leather with brown and tan beads with white feathers.
These can be created in a special color scheme.

I designed this one in 2006

14" Wedding/Unity
unity14 - add your color choice


Yellow is the color for the new day to begin or new beginnings

This is done with medium brown leather, with brown and yellow beads and yellow feathers.

This is new for this year!

5" Dreamcatcher

dc5-sun - $25.00
7" Dreamcatcher
dc7-sun - $30.00
9" Dreamcatcher
dc9-sun - $40.00
14" Dreamcatcher
dc14-sun - $80.00

Brown and Green Dreamcatcher

Green is the color for the green growth of Mother Earth.

This is done with medium brown leather, with brown and hunter green beads with brown feathers. The beads around the inside of the circle are glow beads. These can be replaced with hunter green beads.

This is new for this year!

5" Dreamcatcher

dc5-brngrn- $25.00
7" Dreamcatcher
dc7-brngrn - $30.00
9" Dreamcatcher
dc9-brngrn - $40.00
14" Dreamcatcher
dc14-brngrn - $80.00

Brown and Turquoise Dreamcatcher

Turquoise is the color for healing.

This is done with medium brown leather, with turquoise and brown beads with Turquoise feathers.

I started making these in the 90's.
This is one of my first original designs.

5" Dreamcatcher

dc5-brntur - $25.00
7" Dreamcatcher
dc7-brntur - $30.00
9" Dreamcatcher
dc9-brntur - $40.00
14" Dreamcatcher
dc14-brntur - $80.00

Tan and Red Dreamcatcher

Red is the color for life.

This is done with tan leather, with red and tan beads with red feathers.
This design can also be done with brown or black leather.

This is new for this year!

5" Dreamcatcher

dc5-tanred - $25.00
7" Dreamcatcher
dc7-tanred - $30.00
9" Dreamcatcher
dc9-tanred - $40.00
14" Dreamcatcher
dc14-tanred - $80.00


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